Simposio Primatología en el Peru 2013

II SIMPOSIO DE PRIMATOLOGÍA EN EL PERÚ, Iquitos del 7 al 10 de Noviembre del 2013

Here are the posters and abstracts we had at the 2013 Simposio de Primatología en el peru:

Hematological parameters in semi-free ranging red uakari monkeys (Cacajao calvus ucayalii) in rescue centers in Iquitos, Peru Daniel Montes, Miguel Sebastián, Gudrun Sperrer, Gilberto Guerra, Laura Rosas, Mark Bowler, Pedro Mayor ABSTRACT: Hematological parameters POSTER: Hematological parameters in uakaris

Birth of a red uakari monkey (Cacajao calvus) in the Pilpintuwasi Rescue Center, Iquitos, Peru. Gudrun Sperrer, Daniel Montes, Pedro Mayor, Mark Bowler ABSTRACT: Birth of a red uakari POSTER: Birth of a red uakari

The histomorphological features that contribute to the red facial skin of the bald uakari monkey (Cacajao calvus ucayalii) Pedro Mayor, Javier Mamani Palomino, Mark Bowler, Miguel Sebastián, Daniel Montes ABSTRACT: Uakari skin POSTER: The red facial skin of the bald uakari monkey

Hematological parameters for red uakari monkeys (Cacajao calvus) in captivity in the Huachipa Zoological Park, Lima, Peru. Laura Rosas, Daniel Montes, Catalina Hermoza, Miguel Sebastián, Mark Bowler, Pedro Mayor. ABSTRACT: Hematological parameters Huachipa POSTER: Hematological parameters for red uakari monkeys

Veterinary management activity for captive groups of red uakari monkeys (Cacajao calvus) in Huachipa Zoological Park, Lima, Peru Daniel Montes, Laura Rosas, Catalina Hermoza, Lizzette Bérmudez, Pedro Mayor, Mark Bowler. ABSTRACT: Veterinary management uakari POSTER: Veterinary management of uakari

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